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Do you know how to tell the difference between good and bad vinyl wallcovering?

Vinyl wallcovering is now one of the wallcoverings that many people are familiar with and is chosen by many for its superior performance. When choosing wallcovering, one thing of particular interest to those in charge, apart from knowing the price, is how to judge the quality of vinyl wallcovering and how the wallcovering is constructed. Here, the professional manufacturer of wallcovering, Jin Yi Yuan Group (, will send you specific answers through this article.



What is vinyl wallcovering
1.1 Introduction of wallcovering

1.2 The size of wallcovering

How to judge the quality of wallcovering
2.1 The weight of the vinyl  wallcovering

2.2 The appearance of the wallcovering

2.3 Wear resistance of  wallcovering

2.4 The service life of wallcovering

1.1 Introduction to wallcovering

wallcovering: vinyl as the base material, surface sealing PUR wear-resistant layer. With beautiful, durable, heat insulation, sound insulation, bright colours, non-fading, non-aging, fire retardant, wear-resistant, crack strength and many other characteristics, rich in strong texture, there is high strength, pulling resistance to tug, easy to paste the characteristics, and the surface does not absorb water, can be scrubbed with cloth easy to clean.


1.2 The size of wallcovering

Currently on the market vinyl wallcovering are rolled, the general specifications for 2 * 20 meters, the thickness of 1 mm, designed for a large area of the project and design, greatly reducing the seam.


How to judge the quality of wallcovering
The composition of vinyl wallcovering is mainly made of PVC and other materials, different brands of wallcovering have different content of ingredients, which makes the product different; to distinguish between good and bad vinyl wallcovering can be identified from many aspects, wear resistance, the weight of the wallcovering, surface treatment and other aspects can simply identify the quality of wallcovering, this time from three aspects to distinguish.


2.1 The weight of wallcovering

The composition of wallcovering is mainly PVC material, there will be a small amount of stone powder (calcium carbonate) material; the size of the stone powder content will affect the weight of PVC wallcovering size, do not know much about wallcovering customers, will fall into a misunderstanding: the heavier the wallcovering, the better the quality; for vinyl wallcovering, the lighter the weight of the wallcovering, the better the quality of the wallcovering; PVC material weight compared to the weight of the stone powder is much lighter, the heavier the wallcovering, proving that the stone powder or other material content of the wallcovering. The heavier the vinyl, the more the content of stone powder or other materials, the less the content of PVC material, the quality of PVC wallcovering cannot be guaranteed; the lightness of the wallcovering is an intuitive aspect that can identify the good or bad of the wallcovering.

2.2, the appearance of the wallcovering

Vinyl wallcovering can be visually observed from the appearance of the wallcovering to identify the quality; from the cross-section of the wallcovering for observation, the overall material of the wallcovering are the same, if there are larger spots or powder-shaped material, or the middle layer appears porous, proves that the vinyl wallcovering in the stone powder content is high or the wallcovering is not dense enough.

You can also generally observe the quality of vinyl wallcovering by bending it, leaving marks or fractures in the wallcovering, the quality of the wallcovering is in serious question.


2.3 Abrasion resistance

The abrasion resistance of vinyl wallcovering depends mainly on the size of the PVC material, the more resistant it is to wear and tear, indicating that there are less other materials in the wallcovering and the better the quality of the wallcovering.


2.4 How long does vinyl wallcovering last?

Plastic wall panels are now widely used in hospitals, schools, offices, buildings …… because they are easy to use, colourful, reasonably priced and especially add to the aesthetics, moisture resistance, mould and dampness of the space in which they are installed.

For vinyl wallcovering that are marketed, their longevity and durability will be influenced by many different factors. For example, the composition used to produce vinyl wallcovering: the composition of the raw material used to produce the wallcovering is the primary factor in determining durability and length of use. According to experts, each manufacturer that produces wall sculpting will have differences in mixing formulas, impurity ratios, processing, colour pressings, etc. …… This will be a key point in determining the quality and durability of the product.


Typically, with vinyl wallcovering, the service life is 15-20 years. However, if the product is properly installed and regularly maintained, its service life can be extended.

However, if the vinyl wall panel is used in harsh environments, exposed to strong UV rays, chemicals, humidity or high temperatures, the life of the product may be shortened and drop significantly, with fluctuations of only 10 years or more.

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