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Shanghai Fengxian High School, 54,000 square metres, Jin Yi Yuan added colour to the vibrant campus

Jin Yi Yuan was honoured to participate in the project of Shanghai Fengxian High School, supplying 54,000 square meters of homogeneous and permeable flooring materials for the construction of the school, helping to create a colourful and comfortable campus environment.

Shanghai Fengxian High School

The essence of education is to awaken the meaning of life and promote the positive development of human society.

Ground space is also the carrier of campus culture.

Jin Yi Yuan focuses on high-end flooring materials,

Creating beautiful and pleasant educational space.

School Introduction

Fengxian High School, the “King of Suburbs”, was founded in 1914 and is located in Nanqiao New Town on the bank of the Pu River and Hangzhou Bay. It is a century-old school with a beautiful campus environment, strong teachers and first-class facilities, and it is an experimental demonstrative high school in Shanghai.

Design Concept

In order to cater for Fengxian High School’s philosophy of “people-oriented and harmonious development”, JinyiYuan has flexibly applied the combination of open and diversified spaces in the ground space design, and used the homogeneous translucent flooring of Yinli, Ouya and Spirit series in the project, which combined with the innovative landscape design of the campus, to create a staggered and imaginative space. The total area of the teaching area is 54,000 square metres.

Design Vision

The ideal campus should contain a sense of happiness, a sense of meaning and a pleasant atmosphere, Jin Yi Yuan hopes to match the flooring products with the educational space, both practicality and comfort.

Interpretation of the new design of educational space, convey the warmth of the campus.

Flooring Products

Yielding Series

The use of colour block line collision collocation, forming a unique visual experience. The design of the entire space is in line with the academic atmosphere of the campus, giving people a simple and refreshing visual effect.

Homogeneous  flooring with excellent stain resistance, scratch resistance and anti-slip performance creates a comfortable and safe floor environment.

Maya Series

The colour, texture, shape and other elements through the design.

With dynamic and clever spatial structure

Shaping a natural and lively learning atmosphere

JinyiYuan’s rich product series and professional solutions

Continuously bring better quality environment for education space

Spirit Series

Calm and neutral colour and design

Create a clean, transparent and bright indoor space atmosphere.

Jin Yi Yuan Spirit Series is rich in texture

Adapt to the different design and use needs of various environments

Bringing an immersive learning atmosphere to teachers and students.

Quality Standard

-Use of non-neighbouring benzene environmental plasticisers

-Stringent environmental protection standards, nearly zero TVOC emission.

-Advanced surface treatment technology, the product is more durable and long-lasting.

-Provides customised products such as anti-slip, anti-iodine, anti-bacteria, anti-static, etc.

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