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Is homogeneous PVC flooring afraid of soaking water? How to deal with after soaking water?

Today we are discussing the topic: can PVC homogeneous flooring be subject to moisture, can it be soaked in water, and how should it be remedied after soaking.

Now on the market, many flooring suppliers in order to attract the favour of buyers, will say that their own floor has a waterproof function, PVC homogeneous floor is one of them. So PVC homogeneous floor is really waterproof? Waterproof degree is how much? The following PVC homogeneous floor manufacturer – Jin Yi Yuan for you to answer your questions.

PVC homogeneous floor can be waterproof?

PVC homogeneous flooring is also called vinyl vinyl flooring, is based on polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colouring agents and other auxiliary materials, in the sheet continuous substrate, by coating process or by calendering, extrusion or extrusion process production and become. To the characteristics of the PVC material, PVC homogeneous floor with environmental protection, fire retardant, waterproof and moistureproof, sound-absorbing anti-slip and other functions.


PVC homogeneous floor can be soaked in water?

In fact, whether it is PVC homogeneous flooring or other flooring, waterproof and moisture-proof treatment needs attention. Even if the PVC homogeneous floor itself is waterproof, in order to make the floor not due to water and mould or damage or deformation, in the normal use of the process should pay attention to waterproof measures. And many floors are waterproof, not afraid of water, but it should be noted that this only shows that the waterproof performance of the floor is better than ordinary flooring, daily life splash will not be affected, but if a long time immersed in water, it is more or less will still be affected. After all, not afraid of water does not mean not afraid of water immersion. Therefore, although the PVC homogeneous floor is not afraid of water because of its composition, but also can not be soaked in water for a long time, or damage is also possible.

To sum up, we have to make one thing clear, that is to say, PVC flooring can be waterproof, not afraid of water, but the use of water must be avoided for a long time, as long as the water is not soaked in water for a long time, PVC homogeneous flooring will not be damaged or mouldy because of high humidity.


PVC flooring large area soaked in water treatment method

Although the PVC floor has a protective effect on water, but if there is a large area of water, we still need to deal with it in time. Homogeneous floor manufacturer – Jin  Yi Yuan introduced the treatment.

PVC floor soaking is generally divided into two cases, one case is a large area of water, another case is a small area of water. If there is a water bubble, we must not be too nervous, so as to take the wrong measures to save, this will lead to our floor by irreparable damage.

If it is a large area of water, we have to hurry to clean up the water, try to do so the shorter the better! At the same time to check the water has not entered the PVC homogeneous floor between, this time also can not go to the sun, which will lead to the floor of the material and colour damage. If the degree of soaking is not serious as long as the dry water open the window ventilation or open the air-conditioning refrigeration, because the air-conditioning refrigeration has the function of dehumidification! If the area is really large, and soaked for a long time, has seriously affected the floor material, then we have to change the new PVC floor according to the situation. If it is a small area of water soaking, we have to do is still timely clean up the water, and then observe the floor between there is no change, if we find the phenomenon of warping, then we should carry out the partial replacement of PVC homogeneous flooring. After we deal with the situation of soaking in the maintenance should pay attention to often open windows and doors ventilation, timely cleaning and inspection of the floor.


The above is the PVC homogeneous floor can not moisture, can not soak, soak how to remedy all the content, if you still have questions or want to know more about PVC homogeneous flooring knowledge, welcome to the Jin Yi Yuan expert advice.

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