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Exhibition Review: DOMOTEX asia / CHINA FLOOR 2023 came to an exciting end

On 26-28 July, the 25th DOMOTEX asia / CHINA FLOOR 2023 was grandly held at the National Convention and Exhibition Centre (Shanghai). As a leading supplier of flooring materials in China, Jinyiyuan brings a variety of best-selling products and new flooring materials to this DOMOTEX exhibition, interpreting the modern ground art which is more beautiful, cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

Exhibition Hall Layout
Every exhibition hall design of Jinyiyuan can bring different surprises and experiences to the visitors. The exhibition hall of Jinyiyuan is designed with fresh colours and smooth lines to create a bright, spacious, elegant and exquisite atmosphere, presenting the design and humanistic beauty of the flooring material space.

Jinyiyuan leased 252 square metres of exhibition hall, equipped with different functional areas such as reception area, rest area, display area, etc., which provides visitors with an immersive visiting experience as well as a place for rest and relaxation. Guests can feel the colour, material and characteristics of different products in a close and genuine way, or stop for a rest and let the on-site receptionists provide professional explanations.

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