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Companies for medical, office, pension, education, airports, pharmaceutical, purification, hotels and other places can provide environmentally friendly flooring products

Keywords: floor products | PVC with the production line | conductive floor


The product structure installation should be installed in accordance with local standards. Before laying the floor, ensure that the ground is smooth, hard, clean and dry. If necessary, an effective moisture-proof film should be laid on the ground. Before installation, 24 hours in advance, the floor material should be placed in 18-24 ℃ room temperature to adapt to the environment. Maintenance requires the use of emulsion cleaning. Maintain it for a fixed period of time to keep it clean and durable. Regularly sweep and wet wipe with a neutral detergent to maintain the floor. Or use a cleaning machine with a fine spray pad and a large area of cleaning. Polyurethane reinforced (UV) special maintenance treatment


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